How can I get tattooed by Natalie? 

You can use the contact form in the menu at the top, or email to the specified tattoo account at the bottom of the page! Please be sure to include an estimate of size (in inches) and where on your person you want the design.

Does Natalie travel?

Not currently. Any plans will be announced via social media so be sure to follow on Instagram via the connected links at the bottom of the page!

If I don't live in Los Angeles will Natalie design me something to be done by a local artist near me?


Can I bring my own design to be tattooed?

No. You’ll likely find an artist at a walk-in shop to do this sort of thing.

Does Natalie take on every request she receives?


Do I get to see the design before my appointment?

Unfortunately no.

How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?

California law permits only people 18 or older can be tattooed, no exceptions.

Are there things Natalie prefers to tattoo?

Yes! Monsters, mythological beasts, animals, and anything horror related can ensure an appointment with her!

Can I commission a personal sketch not to be used as a tattoo?

Nat is not currently accepting commissions at this time!!

Does Natalie do anything other than tattoos?

Yes! She is always open to new projects if they seem like the right fit, and is always hoping to hear what new media people might want to utilize her work for! Feel free to email any project ideas to the illustration email address.